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Jun 28, 2011 12:00am PDT
. >> we continue with a look at the new law in new york sta on same-sex marriag with nicholas confessore of the morning time, toobin of the new york magazine and cnn and from los angeles, adam mc54 any of "the new york times". >> yo you will see a lot of peoe get invited to a gay marriage, it won't bes strange as before, the overall effect is those who oppose gay marriage are at a certain point going to start steaming like a bit o out liars at least in theeneral elecrate, we are nothere yet but i think we will be there in the next four or five years. >> rose: we look at a new documentary about the new york times called page 1, inside "the new york times", we talk to three people featured in the documentary, they are david car, bryan sfelter and gay toliz. >> the suggestion of people not only could "the new york times" go out of business, but that it would be a civic good that it did, i find to be fatuous and silly, because we have lost so much journalistic horsepower from the ecosystem of news that it could be regardless of the organization's faults which are, you know, we could argue ab
Jun 19, 2011 7:30am EDT
on breaking into the new york market. we're coming to you from the "new york times" small business summit, a special edition of "your business" is coming up next on msnbc. >>> hi there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg. welcome to "your business" where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. and what better place to get that information than here, at the 2011 "new york times" small business summit. small business owners, investors and journalists have gathered here today to network and talk about pressing small business issues like finding funding, marketing, and utilizing social media. here in the big apple the saying goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. in fact, it's very much the dream of many entrepreneurs from all over the country to open their business here in new york city. but what exactly does it mean to pl make it in new york? ♪ let's hear it for new york, new york ♪ >> new york has a style of its own. ♪ these streets will make you feel brand-new ♪ >> this is a tough market. this is new york city. this is not the landscape for the weak, for
Jun 25, 2011 6:00pm EDT
>>> an historic vote. [ cheers and applause ] >> new york approves same sex marriage and how the decision could impact the national gay rights movement. good evening, thank you for joining us. new york state is now the 6th and largest state to allow same sex marriage. now, supporters are hoping it will build momentum for the cause across the country. here's more from new york city. >> reporter: for gary and anthony, gay pride week in new york means more this year. >> the sun felt like it was shining sunnier today. >> reporter: they're at the picnic and celebrating the right to marry in new york. they've waited a long time. >> new york is the financial capital of the world, now the equality capital of the world. >> reporter: the bill passed late friday night sparking cheers in the legislature and celebration in the streets of new york city. new york is the 6th and by far, the largest state to adopt such a law. doubling the number of americans who live in a state where same sex marriage is law. >> reporter: gay rights advocates see this as a prief toll moment. they hope this is
Jun 24, 2011 11:00pm PDT
>>> good evening, everyone. history unfolding tonight in new york. the empire state now the sixth and largest state to legalize same-sex marriage. after weeks of negotiations and days of last-minute dealing, new york state senators first approved a package of amendments to address religious concerns, then just after 10:30 eastern time they cast their vote on the final bill. >> in relation to calendar 1545, those recording negative are senators ball, bonicek, defrancisco, diaz, farley, flanagan, fuchilo, gal van, golden, griffo, than nen, johnson, lanza, larkin, lavalle, livis, little, marcelino. naziarz -- richey, row back, seward, skelos, young and zeldin. ayes 33, nays 29. >> that was it with a vote of 33-29 it pass the. joining me now is mary snow in albany who has been monitoring the debate all evening long. mary, we did get a sense as the vote approached because of the public statements of at least one republican who had been undecided, he said he was -- he had decided to vote for it. even before the vote was taken there was a sense that this was going to pass. >> reporter: t
Jun 27, 2011 8:00am PDT
the depends off. >>> here's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day, new york passes a law allowing same-sex marriage and our question, is it time for marriage equality in america? is it time for it to be essentially throughout the country? federal law even. carol costello joining us from new york. hey, carol. good to see you. >> hi, suzanne. on july 24th same-sex marriage will be legal in new york. as it is in five other states. it was a bipartisan effort, yes, four republican new york state lawmakers voted yes to same-sex marriage. gay advocates are celebrating and already handing out their road map to other states working on same-sex marriage legislation. new york's governor andrew cuomo. >> i believe new york has sent a message to this nation, loud and clear, it is time for marriage equality all across this country. >> maybe. nationally even some staunch republicans -- actually, maybe nationally even some staunch conservatives are on board like dick cheney who has a gay daughter. >> i think people ought to be free to enter into any kind of union they wish. >> chen
Jun 24, 2011 10:00pm PDT
quickly will the people in new york state be allowed to marry? >> and 30 days. we have been told it is a matter of paperwork that has to go through in order for the exchanges to go into place and then and 30 days, we're told that people could start applying for licenses. and was up the boat about, in terms of the religious exemptions that so many had been concerned about, do we know the specifics? it is not a term of churches being forced to marry gay people which is obviously something that is codified in the fall. it is also organizations that are affiliated with churches that would not be punished if they did not want to sponsor or have a game marriage, correct? >> that is correct. from how was explained to me is it that was ruled there was 1 part that was unconstitutional whole bill would be severed, that there wouldn't be any parts of this -- let's just say if it was challenged and any part was found unconstitutional then the whole bill would be deemed unconstitutional. >> mary snow, i appreciate the reporting tonight. thank you very much. right after the vote i spoke with e
Jun 25, 2011 5:30pm PDT
york legislature could have an impact nationwide. last night's victory made new york the sixth and largest state to allow the unions. activists hope the vote will help convince judges and politicians across the country that mainstream americans support same-sex marriage. >> and so the new york victory is hugely positive. i think for the battle. and the more states that we have with full marriage equality, by the time the case reaches the high court, if it does, i think the more comfortable the court may be with ruling in favor of the plaintiffs. >> there are still consequences and there is still, you know, a fair number of steps to take but certainly this is significant. >> action by congress or the supreme court will probably be necessary if same-sex marriage is to be recognized nationally. >>> and fittingly, the decision to legalize same-sex marriage in new york came during gay pride week. gay activists in new york are celebrating, but as susan mcginnis shows us, they know their battle is not yet finished. >> for gary speno and anthony brown, gay pride week in new york means
Jun 22, 2011 6:30pm EDT
derechos los matrimonios entre personas del mismo sexo en new york. noticiero telemundo con josé díaz-balart. desde new york. >>>josé: buenas tardes, vuelve a suceder un tiroteo a manos de un miembro fronterizo. carlos con los detalles. >>>carlos: voy a tratar de mostrarte, pasó muy cerca de donde estoy ocurrió a 100 metros, al otro lado está la colonia castillo de tijuana méxico. según la versión oficial, agentes de la patrulla fronteriza se toparon con 3 migrantes. uno se les enfrentó, los otros 2 corrieron hacia la barda, hacia méxico. pero estando ahí, comenzaron a tirar objetos. incluso un pedazo de madera que tenía clavos y le pegó en la cabeza a uno de los agentes. lo tuvieron que llevar al hospital. un compañero del agente herido, comenzó a disparar. el migrante, cayó muerto, o murió del lado mexicano. y según reportes, se trata de josé alfredo yañez, reyes de 40 años. originario de sinaloa méxico. murió de un balazo en la cabeza, y algo trágico. presuntamente viajaba con su esposa, ejemplo hijo de 18 años y un menor en brazos. >>> se ha registrado y co
Jun 25, 2011 5:30pm PDT
for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the state of new york is bracing for an expected marriage boom following last night's historic vote by law makers to legalize same-sex marriage here. by this time next month, gay couples will be free to wed in new york, something they are unable legally to do in all but five other states in the nation's capitol. the bill's passage reflected the national debate that still rages over same-sex marriage. peter alexander is in greenwich village tonight with reaction. >> reporter: good evening. this is where the gay rights movement was born. right outside the stone wall inn. that was 1969. it was the home of violent demonstrations. today, it's simply a place of euphoria as new york becomes the latest and largest state to give gay and lesbian couples the right to wed. in the streets of manhattan's greenwich village last night, celebrations and overflowing pride. >> tonight is our night to say, hey, we can do whatever we want. we can get married or not get married and it's not up to you any more. >> reporter: following year of debate, the bill passe
Jun 24, 2011 9:00pm EDT
with us for the next hour. it has not happened yet, but it looks like the new york state senate is about to hold a vote on legalizing same-sex marriage in new york state. it is due to happen sometime tonight. we do not know exactly when. now, the state assembly has already passed this measure. the state's democratic governor, andrew cuomo, says he strongly supports it. so really, it is all down to the new york state senate. the senate which is republican controlled and which has put off this vote until the last possible moment tonight. now, how is the senate going to vote on this? we do not know. it's not even like i know secretly and i'm not telling you out of some sort of magical discretion. we really don't know. at least one democratic senator says he is a definite no. at least two republican senators say they are definite yeses. that information alone would leave the marriage bill one vote shy of passing if everything else went on party line. but a handful of republicans have held out as undecided for a long time now. one of those longtime republican undecideds, a senator named andre
Jun 19, 2011 8:00pm EDT
we wanted to go inside the new york times newsroom and this is all we were allowed to show. he is the only one who would talk to us 25 years ago. >> we have grown and continued to grow at a steady rate in the metropolitan area, to a point for we might be bucking up against some type of ceiling. we do not consider ourselves a popular newspaper. the paper is addressed to a specific kind of audience with a certain education level, mainly. we are approaching now almost saturation point in the greater metropolitan area. we are looking for opportunities to continue to expand our circulation. i suppose newspaper people are driven always to try to get the paper out to more people, and also we are very interested in continuing to expand our national base and to be considered a national newspaper. >> were not allowed to show the newsroom. that is all we could get. what would get at -- what would it have been like for you if that is all you could have gotten? >> i think the film might have been of little narrower in its ambitions, also. it is really going inside the four walls of an insti
Jun 7, 2011 4:00am PDT
. >>> it is understandably new yo news here in new york. of course, we're talking about anthony weiner. and his admission of what happened with the twitter pic. pics, we should say. "new york daily news" with yeah, i'm a schmuck. >> and "the new york post," never short with a headline there. put up this picture to many people's shock. >> "the new york times" understated. >> a picture of him giving his speech there. acknowledging he was not exactly truthful in many different ways. >> right. >> the new york democrat is refusing to resign saying he has done nothing illegal. and 1 of the women who says she got more than 100 messages from weiner. she spoke with chris cuomo. >> reporter: congressman weiner took the stage. he was quick to accept fault. was meagan broussard one of the women? >> he said i'm an open book. >> reporter: 26-year-old meagan broussard of texas is a single mother. who first became acquainted with weiner on april 20th, after seeing this speech online and commenting on his facebook page, it was hot. broussard said weiner immediately responded to her facebook comment. which she says soon f
Jun 22, 2011 6:30pm PDT
dólares para el combate a las drogas. otra bre bre pausa de la ciudad de new york. que derecho les esperan a los matrimonios homosexuales en new york. si pasa la ley a favor del matrimonio. >>> la policía de san francisco tiene que responder por graves acusaciones. ♪ [ locutor ] estuve a dos alka seltzers de perderme otro compromiso... ♪ la vida está llena de placeres... ♪ vívelos con alka seltzer! >>>josé: a la legislatura de new york le quedan pocas horas antes o del reces de verano uno de los proyectos de ley más controversial tieds se encuentra ídolo da peguero con los últimos detalles. adulan y buenas tardes. >>>isolda: josé buenas tardes. el rrid ruido de coro de voces que los homosexuales tengan derecho a casarse y que new york se convierta en el sexto estado del país que lo permite sin pausa. grupos a favor y en contra. se congregaron en el pasillo del senado estatal de new york. pidiendo a viva voz una decisión sobre la ley que permite que en new york los homosexuales puedan casarse. soy madre de este bello hijo cree que con un hombre va a dar a algo así. o una mu
Jun 3, 2011 5:30am PDT
, little charlotte. he moved to new york city in 1948, where benny goodman hire him and he became very famous in new york at the time and he died in new york in 2001. one of the pieces of my ticket to ride is how many cubans of irish ancestry are there. because this connected to my family, that's why i wanted to read it to you. in the 40's, my father moved to new york in search of his destiny. he learned to make brillantine in red, blue and golden colors to give a beautiful sheen to the hair. in his spare time, when he could break free from his alchemist's captive vit, he would go listen to cuban music at the park plaza hotel in manhattan. those were happy times and years later became a happy tomic with me, convinced early on that my father inhabited a magic world. a few years ago, while listening to a recording of cuban blues by chico, i remembered in new york in those stories of the 40's that chico and my father met at club cuba in manhattan and again in havana in the mid-50's. the sessions of chico's house in our neighborhood became so famous that even my father, not particularly fo
Jun 19, 2011 2:00am EDT
and current law enforcement officials from new york and california. this runs 2.5 hours. >> the chair wishes to thank our guests for their cooperation. as far as proper decorum, we want to welcome a new member of our committee. even though you are on the other side of the aisle, we look forward to working for you and thank you for your interest. we would also at this time make unanimous consent request. congressman keith ellison was to have statements submitted into the hearing. does the ranking member have any statements? >> if yes. i would also like to welcome our new member from new york who is on the right side of the committee. [laughter] always also like to enter into the record letters regarding our hearing. i would also like to enter an article entitled "presence in the age of secretary." -- "prisons in the age of sacred terror." >> this is the second of our hearings on radicalization in the muslim american community. i welcome our distinguished panel of witnesses, their first and insights into this problem, and we appreciate your willingness to share your experiences with the commit
Jun 25, 2011 4:00pm PDT
crybaby. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thanks very much. >>> that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer. join us week days in the situation right here on cnn. and every weekend on cnn international. >>> the news continues next on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- >>> right now, in the news, imagine being arrested in your own front yard. >> i don't understand what's going on. i did nothing. >> you can definitely hear the panic in that woman's voice. the woman videotaping a police stop in her own front yard, in front of her house, arrested herself. the video will infuriate you. but who went too far, her or police? also, husband and husband? wife and wife? legal in new york. >> ayes 33, nays 29. >> and an historic vote. hold on, there could be some serious legal issues. jeffrey toobin is in the house. >>> and you've got to see this intervi interview. >> i don't care if it's a minute after michael's death. >> well, two years after the death of his son, i talked to joe jackson about what people have been saying about him. we talk about his relationship with michael, and other issues
Jun 26, 2011 5:30pm PDT
everyone else. and nobody looks at us differently. >>> wedding party. new york's gay pride parade turns into a gay marriage celebration. >>> bachmann overdrive. a new iowa poll puts tea party favorite michele bachmann neck in neck with g front-runner mitt romney. >>> and making a difference for veterans who need help in a setting you might not expect. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. in minot, north dakota, the river has finally crested, but the damage has been done. and a lot of folks there are still holding their breaths. 4,000 homes and businesses under water. 11,000 people displaced. and officials say despite the fact the water level in the souris river is expected to start dropping, until the highest water passes, they are not out of the woods. and all eyes right now are on the levees, the last line of defense. these have been some anxious hours in and around the city of minot. that's where nbc's john yang starts us off tonight. good evening, john. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the city is holding its breath. the army corps of engineers are
Comedy Central
Jun 24, 2011 1:00pm PDT
now relax, relax, relax, relax, relax, relax, relax." i love y'all, new york. thank you, comedy central. [ cheers and applause ] -- captions by vitac -- >> june 23rd, 2011, from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to the daily show, my name is jon stewart. we have a good one tonight. our guest tonight, bruce headlam here to discuss page 1, a documentary about "the new york times", which reviewing the same film "the new york times" raved about it, a mess, does little to illuminate. so i'm thinking it must be pretty good. let's start quickly right here in new york, our state legislature the most dysfunctional in the nation raves new york university is in an extended summer session in an attempt to pass a landmark bill legalizing same-sex marriage in new york. word is the vote is now 31-4-- 31 for, 31 against. so right now they are looking to turn one vote gay, i guess. (laughter) >> jon: even for a night. (laughter) >> jon: six pack
Comedy Central
Jun 28, 2011 9:30am PDT >> june 27, 2011. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. captioning sponsored by comedy central >> jon: welcome to the daily show. my name is jon stewart. tonight jennifer aniston. jennifer aniston will be here. i hope i'm not too exhausted. i had a crazy weekend. yesterday like every year in the end of june last weekend i dress in glitter like a peacock. i march down fifth avenue to raise awareness of exotic birds. and i've got to tell you this year almost more than any other year it went really really well. i couldn't believe the support i was getting. people are like this is a great day. it's been too long. i was like, yeah, exotic birds. you know what i mean? and then people are like wasn't friday amazing? i was like why? what happened friday? >> it is a history-making night with a vote that just happened a short time ago. new york becomes the 7th jurisdiction in america to recognize marriage for same sex couples. >> jon: that's a major civil rights victory. ( cheers and applause ) new york, finally, new york state's
Jun 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
-sex couples to marry in new york. >> quality in new york! >> supporters are hoping the vote will convince judges and politicians across the country, including president obama, that same-sex marriage is now part of the main stream and a winning political idea. they're hoping to see california follow new york's lead. >> it's finally time this happened. i feel it's time for california to do it. >> everyone is going to march down market street tomorrow, celebrating equality in new york and more inspired than ever to get marriage equality back in california. >> same-sex marriage in california has been halted after a ruling found prop 8 unconstitutional is still being appealed. >> now the wedding rush is on in funk. couples booking venues and hiring wedding planners. the first same-sex weddings will be held in 30 days, when the law takes effect. we have a look at how some in new york celebrated the legalization of day marriage, and how others vow to fight it. >> reporter: there were cheers of victory and tears of joy after new york's historic vote. for an dry -- andrew cuomo signed the bill int
Jun 20, 2011 6:30pm PDT
alimentos. noticiero telemundo, con josÉ dÍaz-balart. desde new york. >>>josÉ: buenas tardes de la ciudad de new york, sin embargo, hoy comenzamos en arizona, donde los incendios forestales, los mÁs grandes en la historia de este estado, se siguen avivando, pero tambiÉn estÁ que arde la polÉmica desatada por el senador john mccain al culpar, escuchen esto, a los indocumentados, que cruzan la frontera por algunos de los fuegos en este estado. telemundo saliÓ en bÚsqueda del senador, lo cuestionÓ cara a cara sobre las acusaciones, lor n, telemundo. >>> por cierto un anoche los vientos avivaron estos fuegos, forzando mayores. en arizona y nuevo mÉxico, hay 7.000 residentes. 2600 casas evacuadas incluyendo las 1.500 que fueron abandonada por sus dueÑos. las llamas controladas en un 44%. la sequÍa y el calor siguen siendo el peor enemigo de los bomberos. siguiendo en arizona en el condado de maricopa, donde se anuncio lÁvavalidaciÓn de 8. 23 las fifrms qr firmas que piden a dis tuiciÓn. son mÁs de 7. 756. que ordena la ley electoral para llamar a un referÉndum revocatorio del cread
Jun 24, 2011 7:00pm PDT
since the process began. right now senators in new york are finally voting on a bill to make same-sex marriage legality in the state of new york. one undecided republican senator moments ago announced he has now decided to vote for same sex marge. now a majority of senators are on the record saying they will support same-sex marriage. marie snow has the latest on what could be history happening right now. mary, what's the latest? >> reporter: an incredibly emotional on the senate floor, anderson. what we just saw was a vote for an amendment to the bill. that was an amendment that guaranteed protection for religious organizations. that had been the sticking point all along. and that vote sass pased -- passed 36-26. as soon as that was announced, you heard cheers erupt in the senate chamber. and there are people outside, supporters in the hallways, that loud cheer went up as soon as that was announced. what you're seeing now is a democratic same-sex marriage bill -- blasting republicans for bringing this bill to a vote. now what we waiting for is the vote on the main bill. >> mary,
Jun 6, 2011 8:00pm EDT
. >>> good evening from new york. only four hours in a sheraton hotel in midtown manhattan, congressman anthony weiner collided with a blogger who had joined forces with abc news to force the congressman to tell the truth about his life in cyberspace. on may 28th, a website claim that had this photograph of an underwear covered penis was sent to a woman not his wife by congressman wiener. the congressman denied sending the picture claiming his twitter account had been hacked. but found himself awkwardly unable to deny that it might actually be a picture of him. abc news revealed today that the blogger then handed over all of his investigative files to the network for a report that abc news broadcast tonight, which includes an interview with the woman who received that photograph and who now says she received many other email messages and texts of a sexual mach from the congressman. this morning the blogger revealed more photographs including a shirtless photographs that appears to be congressman weiner and two photographs that clearly are pictures of the congressman. t
Jun 26, 2011 3:00pm PDT
as little clothing as possible usually. some folks. today's event in new york had an extra spark. late friday the state of new york legalized same-sex marriage. the new law takes effect in late july. just ahead, we'll speak with daniel o'donnel. >>> president obama is getting directly involved in the standoff over reducing the budget deficit. he will host separate meetings tomorrow with republican and democratic leaders in the senate. the government faces an august 2nd deadline to increase the federal debt ceiling or risk possible default. >>> right now, two celebrations rolled into one giant parade. new york celebrates gay pride and same-sex marriage all in the same weekend. and the man who sponsored the bill says get ready for a big boost to the economy because of it. he explains live next. >>> and imagine the state forcing you to be sterilized? it happened to thousands of people like elaine riddick. >> they cut me open like i was a hog. >> hear more live at the bottom of the hour. >>> many of you want more information. if you want to tell us what's on your mind, you can reach us on
Jun 13, 2011 5:00am EDT
of the embattled democrat. nbc's brian moore reports. >> reporter: outside the new york office of embattled congressman, anthony weiner, a small but vocal group demanded he resign over a growing internet sex scandal. >> in order to be an effective leader, you have to be respected. >> reporter: hours earlier, released a new batch of suggestive photos. supposedly self-portraits taken in a congressional gym. now, the congressman is being asked to explain his online conversation with a 17-year-old girl. top democrats have heard enough. >> we have made clear that he needs to resign. >> i don't see how he can proceed. >> reporter: at home in new york, some are standing by their congressman. >> if he were to lose his job, it should be our job of the people, as constituents. and it should be over issues, not only his personal life. >> reporter: the congressman's wife has left new york but still is in the spotlight. in the middle east, traveling with her boss, secretary of state hillary clinton. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >>> for months, now, we've been hearing about the miraculous p
Jun 17, 2011 4:30am EDT
: with sarcastic cheers from hecklers, the new york congressman resigned thursday, three weeks after his embarrassing sexting scandal first unfolded. democratic leaders welcomed the move but reaction among weiner's constituents is mixed. >> i think he was bamboozled into resigning. it was just wrong. >> what he did was disgusting and inexcusable and i'm happy that he stepped down. >> reporter: while the 46-year-old's congressional career is over, his job serving the public may not be. >> i got into politics to help give voice to the many who simply did not have one. now i'll be looking for other ways to contribute my talents to make sure we live up to that most new york and american of ideals. >> reporter: here on capitol hill, his downfall could end up being a boost for republicans if they can snatch that house seat from democrats. >> i genuinely believe a republican has a chance to win that district. it will be tough. it's a democratic district. >> reporter: under state law, a special election must be held to fill that seat. >> thank you and good afternoon. >> before the scandal broke
Comedy Central
Jun 6, 2011 1:00pm PDT
is it? ♪ it's vagina thank you, new york! [ cheers and applause ] thanks for coming out. ow! [ cheers and applause ] -- captions by vitac -- >> june 1, 2011. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show with jon stewart." [cheers and applause] captioning sponsored by comedy central [theme song playing] [applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. my guest tonight, we got a good one for you tonight, the great bill moyers will be joining us, one of the few legends of public broadcasting not made of foam rubber. perhaps you saw me on moyers' show. last night we took a measured look. god, there's really no way to cover this weiner story. all right. fine. i guess [bleeped] was taken. anyway, the upshot is obviously very strange story. congressman possibly tweeted a picture of his john or had his twitter account hacked and a picture of his junk sent or a picture ofcline is theree1 was . oddly enough, it's also the name name of what was used to clog the gulf oil leak. also he's a very good friend of mine. i was ho
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